“SUPER FUNNY . . . this is the guy you need to hire!”

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Robert not only responded to my bid request, but actually took the time to call me personally to find out what my needs were & to see how he could best accommodate those needs. He was SUPER flexible with us even though we yanked him around a little bit & were probably some of his more ‘needy’ clients. We asked a LOT of him & he not only delivered on those requests, but did them without hesitation.

In addition to all of this, he was SUPER FUNNY & really did an excellent job of tying in the theme of our organization to his act like a personal touch. Or at least made it feel that way. 🙂

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Robert. THIS IS THE GUY YOU NEED TO HIRE!!!

Alana Welch, NoVA Regional Field Director
60 Plus Association

consummate professional

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If you are considering utilizing Robert Mac’s services, be assured that you have made an excellent choice! Mr. Mac is a consummate professional, he is adaptable, incredibly talented and a pleasure to work with . . .

His particular brand of comedy is well suited for a broad audience and he is also able to address the interests of a particular niche. Through his love of language and his skills as a writer and performer, he is able to thoroughly entertain and engage an audience without using profanity. Imagine that!

. . . I think very highly of Robert’s skills and the expertise that he brings to every project. I look forward to any chance to involve Robert in further work.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Access Tucson and our experience working with Mr. Mac. I would be happy to share more!

Lisa Horner,
Executive Director
Access Tucson

“constant stream of boisterous heart-felt laughter”

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To whom it may concern,

Hiring Robert Mac for your upcoming event will be the best decision you could make to ensure its success. He is a pro: He’s prepared, has impeccable timing, is engaging with the audience and most importantly, he is very very funny.

We hired Robert Mac as the main act in our first ever “Comedy Night” at our church. Over three hundred people attended the event. He told lots of clever stories that appealed to everyone, young and old, and the reaction was a constant stream of boisterous heart-felt laughter.

Carolyn K. Thibault
Elder, Congregational Life First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu at Ko’olau