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“Robert Mac is a force on stage.”

Robert Mac enjoys the highest accolade a comedian can achieve: the respect of his peers. Robert is funny enough to work clean inside a comedy club and still get boisterous laughs. I watched him make an audience laugh so hard that a woman’s mascara ran down her face. The writing is strong; the presentation is strong. Robert Mac is a force on stage.

Jason Love, Comedian
Los Angeles, CA

“a great creation”

I think the great thing about your persona . . . is that he can talk to anyone and any group and be a Funny-Arrogant Fool just like early Steve Martin persona.  We can love him and laugh at him as he takes shots at us.  He can even be sarcastically Right about his shots at us and we Still love him.  Because he’s such a child.  Even though he Talks real smart.

It is a great creation.  Really.

Howard Allen, director, screenwriter
Coyote Moon Films


depth and layers

First, it is not only your intelligence, but the depth of your bits and the layers of pop culture references that I love . . .

I saw somewhere sometime somebody diagrammed all the relationships from the play ‘Our Town’ by Thornton Wilder.  You’d have to know the play to get the reference. There were so many links among friends, families and lovers, the diagram looked like a lantana thicket.  Your references are all linked like that, but not confusing. It all works because [you] lay it out for us, just right.

Nate Shelton, media specialist, videographer

cerebral wit & silly absurdities

I find that you illuminate funny truths about things we take for granted.  I like that you lead your audiences to AHA! moments through your gift for story construction and delivery.  I especially like that you can produce humor without resorting to shocking or lewd or crude language and gestures.

Your comedy is a welcome mix of cerebral wit and silly absurdities–something for everyone.

Camden Stoddard, satisfied client
San Francisco, CA