#PQRST in Florida

Now that Covid restrictions are lifting, I’m performing with other Dry Bar comedians—it’s our Post-Quarantine Return to Standupping Tour (#PQRST). And since we each have a special on the Dry Bar platform, you can be assured that our material is adult in content without being vulgar. (Dry Bar calls it “safe for work” but we say PG-13.)

Our Florida tour is ramping up! I’m on the road with Steve Mazan (Dry Bar Comedy, as well as Letterman, Ferguson, and many other shows). If you want us to bring the highest level clean comedy to you, contact us here

It’s ideal for country clubs, wineries, theaters, and other “special event” locations. If you supply the venue and the bodies, we’ll bring the lights, mics, and comedy.

In the meantime, have some laughs: