comedy machine

Welcome to Robert Mac’s Comedy Machine.

I’ll be live-streaming new bits, classic hits, and deep cuts most Wednesdays at 3pm EST on Instagram Live and Zoom. It’s a free Mac matinee—but always check my calendar to make sure it’s on for that week.

What is this, exactly?
This is a free, 30-minute, online comedy show where I will be practicing bits that are in the current rotation, working on new material, and getting the dust off some older bits. I’ll be running material through the Machine to see what comes out the other side.

What does the audience do?
The audience just needs to show up, log in, and laugh (if so moved). It would be great if you let me know what you think works.

How often can people attend?
I’ll be rotating material regularly, so drop in often. You might see some similar bits now and again—everything is a work in progress.

Hope to see you there!

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