open Mac

Want to see what it’s like for a comedian to develop new material before bringing it to the stage? I’m hosting some behind-the-scene online open mics, and I need a small audience to pretend to be interested!

I’ll be doing new bits, classic hits, and some other sh stuff most Wednesdays at 3pm EST on Zoom. It’s free—here’s the link. (Always check my calendar to make sure it’s on for that week.)

What is this, exactly?
This is a free, 30-minute, comedy performance where I will be working on some new material, getting the dust off some older material, and practicing bits that are in the current rotation. A very low-key dress rehearsal without the bells and whistles of a big production. A virtual comedy workout. A joke lab. Comedy incubator.

What does the audience do?
The audience just needs to show up, log in, and laugh (if so moved). I want to test some material before trying it in front of a live audience. It saves me a trip to the open mic.

How often can people attend?
You’re free to log in every week, but you might get bored. I’ll be rotating material regularly, but if you attend every week, some of it won’t be surprising to you. I don’t want you to get tired of seeing re-runs!

Hope to see you there!

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