Plan C



I’m running for president and I need your vote!

In my newest show, America’s former 67th funniest comedian (that’s me) turns our nation’s least favorite school subjects—science, government, and civics—into a 75-minute lecture that’s over an hour long! Watch boring school classes metamorphosize into comedy gold. If you’re down in the Trumps or over the Hill, let me float your vote with a stump speech that puts the YOU in dUmocracy.

I’ll offer my take on the 2016 election with my own presidential campaign, and throw in a bunch of fuzzy science to distract from what really matters in this upcoming election, which is [let’s find out what it is and put it here]. It’s about life in DC, too.

What bothers you? Taxes? Immigration? Sciencemen in their fancy science coats? All this, plus more, will be revealed when I give my stump speech / town hall / comedy thingy.

I’ve got some upcoming Plan C shows. Check ’em out.

This show will be running at many venues until the 2016 elections; for the latest schedule of this show and all my live public performances, visit You’re totally welcome.


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