We are living in unprecedented times and everyone is stressing out. April is Stress Awareness Month, and one of my secret powers is a fun and informative talk called Stress Less with Robert Mac. I’ll be sharing stress-reductions techniques from my Stress Less talk all month long here.

Stress Less with Robert Mac

If you want all the tips put together and customized for your company or organization, please let me know. And here are some other talks I give, plus my award-winning comedy. Man, I do it all!

The Benefits of Laughter: Stress Less with Robert Mac
Laughter and Other Stress-Reduction Techniques Delivered in a  Funny and Informative Presentation by a Nationally Touring Comedian

Learn how laughter evolved to become a way to reduce stress, as well as many of the other benefits of laughing—social, physiological, and cognitive. You’ll take home 31 stress-reduction techniques, one for every hour of the day. (And day of the week, when you put them together.) Mental-health awareness meets award-winning comedy. Free stress-o-meter for all attendees!