Hello event and meeting planner types:

I’m trying to find the right video to use when pitching my act for corporate events. What’s your take on these four short clips? I’m trying to find what the sweet spot is for length and, of course, subject matter. I’d appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

Hottest Month Ever This clip was recorded at the headquarters of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, as part of the March for Science events in Washington, DC. (3:15)

This faux-political piece is from my failed presidential campaign of 2016. (4:00)

The National Zoo
People around the nation pay taxes so that people around the capital can attend world-class museums and other cultural venues free of charge. Like the National Zoo. (4:20)

 I travel a lot because, well . . . you’ll find out. Here are some stories from my adventures on the road. (5:40)

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