Hello fans and supporters. If you’d like to see me get to the next level—performing again on TV—you can help. Not only do Ellen Degeneres and I have the same birthday (true story!), we have a similar sensibility. And one of her former writers says I’d be a good fit on her show. So . . . 

Here’s how you can help. Visit her site here, and pick one of the categories (Funny Videos, Talent, and Life Changing make the most sense) and recommend me. They want to hear from as many fans as possible, so persistence is key. In your own words, let her know why you think I should perform on her show.

If you need a video to submit, these Facebook clips of mine have millions of views. (Or you can download clips directly from my site.)

Shorter Border Order

The National Zoo

PC Holidays 


It’s all about numbers these days—talent is about fifth on the list—but if you write her show and make a good case for it, maybe it can happen. I don’t know if I have enough fans in my corner, but I’m willing to try. Thanks so much for your help.