Zoom issues

Almost each week we have had someone with issues logging into Zoom to see our show, and I realize it’s frustrating. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because the show is on and I can’t personally help you.

Because of security issues, you’re required to have a Zoom account to log into the show. (Accounts are free, and even the most basic account will allow you to attend meetings of any length.) Even then, people have had issues, and here are some solutions:

  • log out of your Zoom account and back in
  • some people have had luck by deleting Zoom from their computer and reinstalling it
  • do NOT try the same meeting / password combination multiple times or you may get blocked
  • try a different browser or computer if possible

Zoom doesn’t have a lot of FAQs for this, and people have been unable to log in. Luckily, your ticket is good for the entire month; if you’re unable to get in, you can use your ticket for another show.