The Benefits of Laughter: Stress Less

Laughter and Other Stress-Reduction Techniques

Learn how laughter evolved to become a way to reduce stress, as well some of the other benefits of laughing. Finally, you’ll learn 31 stress-reduction techniques, one for every hour of the day. (And day of the week, when you put them together.) Mental-health awareness meets award-winning comedy. Free stress-o-meter for all attendees! Click here to see a super-short sample clip.

Two Event Planners Walk into a Bar . . . During Your Keynote:

Punch up Your Speech with Humor to Win over Your Audience

Award-winning comedian and motivational humorist Robert Mac (that’s me!) shows speakers how choosing and using humor will make their speeches stand out. Be funny and you’ll be remembered . . . and rebooked. Turn giggles into laughs, laughs into guffaws, guffaws into applause breaks, and applause breaks into standing ovations. Fun, funny, and very informative.

Don’t Let Your Office Become The Office:

Using Humor to Boost Morale, Productivity, and Sales

You know what’s great about working in an office? Me either! I’ll show you how a proper application of appropriate humor can boost morale, increase sales, save the planet, improve your love life, end terrorism, and un-jam the copy machine. (Your mileage may vary.) Perfect for an in-house Friday performance or to break up a string of PowerPoint conference presentations, and ideal for anyone who’s ever stepped foot in an office.

Be the Boss of Your Basement:

Negotiate the Powers Above for Later Curfews and Much More!

This parody of a motivational speech is great for speakers or any audience familiar with the genre. Presented by “the motivationalest speaker ever,” this tongue-in-cheek lecture makes serious points in a very funny way. By the creator of “Gitch Yer Niche and Git Rich” and “Turn Your Priorities into Cry-orities.” It’s a cry-out-loud spoof that makes a lot of sense.

Let Me Explain This as Simply as I Can:

A Report from (your company’s name here)’s R & D Supervisor

This fake speech has all the answers you need, even for questions you didn’t ask. A great way to break up serious presentations or to start a program on a humorous note, this dead-pan speech covers your group’s issues, as well as Global Warming, the economy, and other problems that have nothing to do with you—but will make you laugh regardless. A fake speech that’s really funny!