“It’s hard to categorize something that hasn’t been done before, but “Robert Mac’s Virtually Funny” is a hybrid between stand up, comedy sketch/video and interactive show with virtual crowd work. Literally, I virtually laughed my ass off.”

Click the image below or here to purchase tickets.

To avoid fees, use Venmo, but please include your email address. I will email instructions.
(You can use Zelle, too, but you’ll have to get me your email address so I can send you the show log-in information.)

Hey fans and followers,

I will perform a 60-minute show at 8pm EST on Saturdays in June, using the Zoom business meeting platform. (If you use your phone, you’ll have to download the app; if it’s your computer, you’ll have to download their program.) I’m asking for just $5 per person, $10 for groups. (Sadly, Eventbrite will tack fees onto that.)

It’s a hybrid of stand-up, sketches, satire, videos, books, explosions and more. Want to join me? I promise you’ll laugh, and for a short period you can escape reality.

I’ll perform this material every week for a month, and come back in June with a different hour if we’re still cooped up. I hope you join me. It’ll be virtually hilarious!


If you’re busy at 8pm EST, you can watch a recorded version of “Robert Mac’s Virtually Funny” when it better fits your schedule. Send your payment to robert @ on Venmo (or as a friend/family on PayPal). Make sure to include your email address and a note saying you’d like access to the video and you’ll receive the link to the recording.