Earth Day

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day has come, and I’m excited to share some ideas on how to keep the environment healthy. This is by far my favorite planet within driving distance, and the last thing I’d want to do is pack up everything and move somewhere else. Can you even get your mail forwarded to Mars?

To see all the videos, visit my “50 Ways to Love Your Mother” playlist, or use the links below.

Day 2: Shorter Showers 

Day 3: Support Alternative Energy

Day 4: Reuse Plastic Baggies

Day 5: Don’t Pollute

Day 6: Switch to LED Bulbs

Day 7: Go Plogging

Day 8: Do Full Laundry Loads

Day 9: Plant a Tree

Day 10: Contact Your Representatives

Day 11: Donate Food

Day 12: Give the Car a Day Off

Day 13: Get Energy Efficient Appliances

Day 14: Slow Down

Day 15: Repair Instead of Replace

Day 16: Mission: Compostable 

Day 17: Support Local Farms

Day 18: Rethink Plastic

Day 19: Avoid Air Travel

Day 20: Dude Unto Others

Day 21: Keep Stairing

Day 22: Flush Less

Day 23: Have a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Day 24: Clean the Fridge Coils

Day 25: Dress Appropriately

Day 26: Bring Your Own Bags

Day 27: Turn Off the Big Stuff

Day 28: Walk This Way

Day 29: Downsize

Day 30: Eat Less Red Meat

Day 31: Bring Your Own Mug

Day 32: Upgrade Your Windows

Day 33: Repurpose Tins

Day 34: Compost

Day 35: Support Your Library

Day 36: Print as Little as Possible

Day 37: Divest from Fossil Fuels

Day 38: Shop Locally

Day 39: Buy Sustainable Seafood

Day 40: Cook en Masse

Day 41: Line Dry Your Clothes

Day 42: Clean Your Filters

Day 43: Get a Reusable Water Bottle

Day 44: Recycle Cardboard

Day 45: Experiences are Better than Things

Day 46: Reuse Paper

Day 47: Insulate

Day 48: Patronize Eco-Friendly Businesses

Day 49: Support Service Industries

Day 50: Connect

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